Sunday, September 5, 2010

Covert Affairs=Burn Notice Lite?

I actually had high hopes for Covert Affairs.  I had good reasons for this, too. Brought to the USA network by Doug Liman, of the Bourne Trilogy, the show has quite a pedigree.  To appeal to the fans of Chuck, Christopher Gorham, (Jake 2.0) is the tech guy of the series.  In fact, on paper, the cast were all well-chosen.Piper Perabo has appeared in several movies, Coyote Ugly, Cheaper by the Dozen,etc.  Of course, with the success of shows like "Chuck" and "Burn Notice", I was not surprised to see more spy shows in the works. The most exciting thing for me, (albeit a bit sexist) is that this show has a female lead.  Unfortunately, Annie Walker is no Fiona Glennanne.  In fact, the biggest disappointment of the show thus far is that Annie has proven to be more of a victim of circumstance than a strong female lead.  Recruited into the CIA, Annie was not really chosen for her language skills, but for her relationship with a former agent who went rogue.  Of course, poor Annie doesn't realize this, and for her part, she was top of her class at the farm.  Unfortunately, they must have brought her out of the farm before she could complete any combat or weapons training, and she almost gets killed in the pilot.  Luckily, Ben is following her around like a lovesick puppy, and he kills Stauss just in time, stepping onto the subway train just as Annie falls unconscious.  ( This is more romance novel than spy series)  In fact, even though Annie now knows why she was recruited, she still seems content to bob along, doing whatever her CIA director tells her to do. (Don't even get me started on those two, a CIA director who misappropriated resources to spy on her husband/boss?  It would never happen the way it was written!)  I was hoping for such much more from this show, but it seems we are left with a Burn Notice Lite- filled with nuances of relationships, but lacking the power punch of a confident, self-sufficient female lead. 

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