Saturday, October 10, 2009 come here often?

I never blogged before. Yeah... I know, you can tell. The post below, my first, was just brewing in me, waiting to get out. I liked it, so I think I'll be back. It was liberating to just vomit all that bile onto a web page, semi-anonymously. If you know me well, you know I had a troubled childhood. I am not one of those who sits around whining about it, I rather choose to wear it as my badge. I am not ashamed that my mother was dead to me for years before she died, she was horrible to me, and my children. I relate to the angry mother-hatin' music of Eminem, in fact. But to some degree, it made me who I am. For that, I am not sorry.
I turned out a bit of alright, I did! Get to know me-Come back soon.

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