Thursday, September 30, 2010

I think we as a nation, are all suffering from clinical depression:

I think we as a nation, are all suffering from clinical depression-  Think about it:  Everyone is exhausted, overwhelmed by their situation, overcome by mounting debts, trapped, and powerless to make it any better. We all stare at the news in hopeless despair as the deficit rises, and we shake our heads and sigh.  We watch our friends, neighbors, families lose their homes, and we pull down the blinds, and turn the lights down for the night.  We lie awake, listening in the dark, wondering what next?  We find ourselves too tired, too depleted to do anymore than is needed of us, merely going through the motions each day, succumbing to our own inertia.

We so desperately need to wake up, snap out, come to, find the manic to our depressive, and begin the clamoring our way back to healthy. (In so many more ways than one.)  We are spiritually bankrupt, financially decimated, battle weary, and hope is like a lost child, we yearn for her, but cannot catch sight of her no matter what we do.  We are lost in despair and isolated, in need of something greater than hope, something motivating. It's dark and cold here at the bottom in the shadows, we must begin to climb out toward the light, no matter how terrifying that thought may be. 

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